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How to Maintain Your Pet's Dental Health


Pets, just like human beings, also require observing proper oral hygiene. It is important for them to clean their teeth and gums avoid building up plaque which leads to diseases like periodontitis. Periodontitis causes inflammation and infection of the gums and leads to major health issues like bad breath, tenderness, and tooth loss. Severe cases of periodontitis may also cause heart, kidney, and liver problems.


Unlike human beings, pets are not conscious about these things, neither can they observe dental care. This leaves their owner to observe these guidelines from www.vetiq.com/minties-treats to keep them healthy. Proper dental care for pets must be observed right from an early stage and it should be done regularly. To maintain good care for them, here are the things that pet owners must do:


  1. Take them to see a vet for a routine checkup. When you take your pets to a vet, he or she is able to critically check their teeth to advise on any necessary precautions that you need to take. Vets can tell when a dog's hygiene ought to be improved or maintained. On top of that, they provide the special dental care products for your pets like brushes and toothpaste. They also teach you how to clean your pets' teeth well for best results.


  1. Brush your pets' teeth daily. Sometimes this is not possible for pets, because some may feel uncomfortable with the procedure, but should be done at least once a week. If you cannot manage to do this on your own you can take your pets to the vets or pet parlors for cleaning.


  1. Keep control over your pet's diet. Make sure that you give them foods that do not compromise the health of their teeth. Give them hard foods to strengthen their teeth or soft foods to avoid straining their teeth respectively. Avoid giving them sugary foods as this supports the easy development of plaque.

To gain more knowledge on the importance of on maintaining your pet's dental health, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGjtopH-Yes.


  1. Give them chew treats to keep off plaque and toughen their teeth. Treats like bone marrows are extremely helpful for those dogs that do not like to brush their teeth. It keeps off the plaque and maintains their teeth in good condition. Make sure that the treats are not sugary as well.


Remember, proper oral care for your pets keeps them comfortable and saves you money for treating major health issues otherwise. Some breeds, particularly smaller dogs and cats, are the most prone to plaque, more info here!